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the story of Georges.

One of the greatest magician of his time
One of the greatest pioneer of cinema, father of the cinema and special effects

Georges Méliès was born in Paris on December 8, 1861 in a wealthy bourgeois family, third among 2 older brothers. Georges was destined, like his brothers, to take over the torch of the family shoes factory. But, very young, Georges is already curious, sensitive, imaginative, talented for drawing and especially rebel. At 18 years old, his final exam passes after eight years of boarding school at the Imperial lycée of Vanves and then at Lycée Louis le Grand, he wants to integrate the beaux-arts de Paris.
His father says him no... And everything follows …
He leaves for his military service in Blois, homeland of the Great magician Robert-Houdin (from whom Houdini took his name).
In 1884 he was sent to London to take him away from a romantic affair: he discovers the magic of the scene, another romantic affair whose father had not suspected the consequences.
  • Heir to Robert-Houdin

    In London, at the Egyptian Hall, he hangs out the greatest magicians of the time: Maskelyne, David Devant,...  He learns scene Magic with his great illusions, intricate tangle of double-bottomed traps and truncated perspectives. He has also many relationships in the art world.
    In 1885, he returns to Paris, married and performes as an illusionist.
    In 1888, his father retires.
    Georges leaves the shoe factory to his brothers and at 26 years old takes over the lease and the background of the Robert-Houdin theatre, which he will lead for more than 20 years.

    Thanks to his imagination, his drawing talents, his manual mechanical knowledge acquired at his father's factory, he creates and manufactures many illusions, often ending with the projection of photographic views.
    In 1891, he founded the Académie de Prestidigitation, which would become in 1904, the French trade union Chamber of Prestidigitation, to assist the Illusionists considered as entertainers.
    Between 1888 and 1895, Méliès keeps abreast of abundant news from the world of photography in France, Europe and the United States.

    When Antoine Lumière, in December 1895, father of Louis and Auguste, a photographer he knows well, invites him to a public representation of their invention (Lumière cinematograph) at the Grand Café, Méliès is ready: He has already in himself the knowledge and imagination to understand the great tool that he discovers that night. His personal fortune and his theatre will enable him to realize all his ideas.

  • The creator of cinema & special effects
  • Facing the industry of cinema
  • His life after cinema

#1: his grave in the Père Lachaise cemetery.

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